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Powered Up!

Card games, board games, video games, games of all kind, Orriss will cover them all! Whether it’s a classic from the 1980’s or an upcoming spectacle from the 2020’s, all sorts of games are welcome! So sit back, buckle up and prepare yourself...it’s time to get Powered Up!

Mon 16:00

Motorsport Monday

All the latest Motorsport News with Ben, Josh, Tom and Eleanor!

Community Hour.pngWed 14:00

Community Hour

A show dedicated to celebrating amazing people from our local community, with exciting interviews every week!

cc banner 2.pngWed 20:00

Crisis of Context

Would you like to learn some strange trivia about your favourite songs? Would you like to hear some music that will blow you away? Would you like to expand your ridiculously disorganised Spotify playlist? Are you too good for Wikipedia? If your answer is yes, then Crisis of Context is the show for you! If it is no, then Haslem will accept your answer and cry for a bit.

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Work in Progress

Join Haslem, Alex and Ben for a show that's [REST OF DESCRIPTION HERE]!

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Me and My Friend Matt Thornton

Join Ed Jeffery and his friend, Matt Thornton as they chart the discography of a range of artists, their music influences, and who they've influenced.

Ajax and Agamemnon.JPGFri 13:00

The Classics Hour

“But that is the mark of a good source myth; it is water so wide it can reach across centuries. I hope you enjoyed the swim.” (Galatea, Madeline Miller). Join us here at Insanity Radio as we too dive into the broad waters of the classical world. With special appearances and interviews from classical scholars across the UK, ‘The Classics Hour’ explores the various aspects of modern classical study. With shows covering an expanse of topics – from rhetoric in Homer’s ‘Odyssey’ to Classical monsters and Zack Snyder’s 2006 hit movie, ‘300’ – there is something for everyone. So whether you’re new to the world of classics, or the proud owner of an obsessive classical mind, join us, and enjoy the swim.


Uncommon Sense

Sam Bennett challenges a random student to answer a series of bizarre quiz questions.

Fri 18:00

New Music Friday

Join Lottie Macro and Tomos Stokes each week as they bring you the best new music releases and introduce you to up and coming artists!

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Gold Soundz

Elisha Heslop brings you the best of shoegaze, new wave, post-punk and alt rock - if the tape's stuck in your parent's loft, you bet we're playing it here!

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