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Unknown.jpegToday 12:00 PM

Take One

Take 1: film composer, 1 hour. Join Lottie as she spotlights a different film composer each week and deep dives into their discography to the films you know and love.

IMG_4552.pngToday 07:00 PM

Me and My Friend Matt Thornton

Join Ed Jeffery and his friend, Matt Thornton as they chart the discography of a range of artists, their music influences, and who they've influenced.

Pandora's Box logo.jpgFri 10:00 AM

Pandora's box

Welcome to the world of Classics! Sit back and listen to indie folk whilst we dissect our favourite topics from ancient history. I’ll be covering everything from Plato’s philosophy to Disney’s ‘Hercules’, and will occasionally be joined by special guests who specialise in these topics.


Uncommon Sense

Sam Bennett challenges a random student to answer a series of bizarre quiz questions.

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Radio. Music. Facts. Presented by Kinga Stusik.

The Chosen One.pngSat 12:00 PM

The Chosen One

In the next hour, Lucie will push her guests to answer this dreaded question: ‘What is your favourite book?’ Tune in to find out what will be The Chosen One!

Sun 02:00 PM

The Student Radio Chart Show

Insanity joins the Student Radio Network for the weekly Student Radio Chart Show - twenty of the biggest tracks being played on student radio across the UK.

BC608B6A-912A-4F48-9C43-8A0ABD661BDD.jpegMon 03:00 PM

Powered Up

Card games, board games, video games, games of all kind, Orriss will cover them all! Whether it’s a classic from the 1980’s or an upcoming spectacle from the 2020’s, all sorts of games are welcome! So sit back, buckle up and prepare yourself...it’s time to get Powered Up!

GGP Hour.jpgMon 09:00 PM

GGP Show

Got a dilemma? Need advice? Want to know our take on a hot topic? GGP Hour is the talk show you need to tune in for! Hosted by Kayla Mae Garcia Fernandes, GGP Hour is a weekly late night show with no fear of pulling the punches! Whether its solo or with a guest, I will be getting into all the hot new discussions and debates on social media and pop culture before answering your questions, thoughts and points of advice! Don’t miss out when GGP Hour hits the radio waves every week, only on Insanity Radio!

Insanity Breakfast Thursday.jpgTue 08:00 AM

Insanity Breakfast

Join Maddie and Kinga, Insanity's Dynamic Duo, for your Tuesday morning wake-up call! With new features and special guests every week, you don't want to miss this!

Unknown-1.jpegTue 02:00 PM

Music Through the Ages

Looking every week at a new decade of music, from the 1940s through to the 2020s!

Playback logo.jpgTue 06:00 PM

The Playback

Join Scott and Issy as they listen to the best of rock both new and old! From classic to modern indie, discover more about your favourites, what influenced them, or what they have influenced with some musical history, personal anecdotes and specific comparisons of songs from two different eras that parallel each other! This is The Playback!

Bop or Flop.pngWed 11:00 AM

Bop or Flop

Join Hannah and Georgie as they introduce their favourite artists to each other and decide whether they think they’re a bop or flop!

Community Hour.pngWed 02:00 PM

Community Hour

A show dedicated to celebrating amazing people from our local community, with exciting interviews every week!

shipwrecked.jpgWed 03:00 PM


Insanity's flagship interview show, with a new guest from campus or the community every week

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